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How to Keep Your Luggage Safe

Feeling safe and the safety of your luggage is part of Travel Sentry’s DNA. Every solution we offer is aimed to achieve a better travel experience.

We want to share with you how you can prevent theft and loss of items when travelling. Whether that’s in the airport, at airport security or when you finally make it to your hotel. This is important as you travel with some of your most valuable items in your carry-on, in your hold-luggage and on your person. Here are some steps to stay vigilant and keep your belongings safe. 

Keeping Your Luggage Safe When Travelling

We hope these tips to keep your luggage safe will give you peace of mind and improve your travel experience.

Use the correct security lock.

It is essential to keep your luggage safe when travelling. Some travellers think that they should not lock their hold luggage as this was previously the advice. However, this was the advice when all bags were being searched pre-flight. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now suggests you lock your checked baggage with TSA accepted locks.

Look For the Red Diamond

All Travel Sentry locks are recognized and approved by the TSA. Look for the red diamond Travel Sentry symbol when shopping for these TSA Locks. The TSA screens approximately 1.4 million checked bags for explosives and other dangerous items daily. Many bags are searched by security agents before being loaded onto the plane. A search can be caused by any small issue picked up at screening.

TSA Accepted Locks

Airport security agents have specialist tools to access the TSA accepted locks and luggage. They can do this efficiently without damage, setting your mind at ease and speeding up the boarding process, a win-win! Other locks and luggage may be broken into at the screening process if a potential prohibited item is detected. This may damage the luggage and make it an easy target for thieves.

Do not leave luggage unattended

You should always keep your luggage locked and with you when you are at the airport. If luggage is left unattended and unlocked, anyone can open your bag and place prohibited items in it without your knowledge. Once your hold luggage has been checked in, it is out of site, however, if it has a TSA-accepted luggage lock you can relax as your luggage is safe. 

Track Your Luggage

Travel Sentry offers one step further when it comes to tracking your luggage. We offer an option for you to be able to report lost or stolen luggage with TSID. Our TSID is a smart ID tag with free lifetime protection

How Does TSID Work?

TSID links owners and their property using a unique code for any item that needs to be protected from accidental loss. By not showing your personal details on your property, your identity and privacy are protected. TSID comes with free lifetime protection with no subscription required. 

You can be as safe and secure as possible, but cannot control your luggage going missing. But, TSID is the global solution to track your lost luggage and help find your missing items.

Lock carry-on when flying and travelling

Carry-on luggage should also be secure as your overhead locker might not be directly above you once you’ve boarded the plane, or in fact anywhere near you! Often, if the plane is busy and hand luggage is overcrowded, your luggage will be stowed in the hold, and without a lock it is unsafe. 

Travelling through an airport

Being in an airport can be extremely busy, stressful, and distracting so it is important that you are always in control of your bags and belongings. If your carry-on is left open or out of sight even for a few seconds it will make you an easy target for theft.

Safety in hotel rooms and lockers

No hotel room is 100% secure. Use a security lock when you leave unattended luggage in your hotel room to ensure your luggage is safe while enjoying your vacation. We do advise you to lock your luggage and any valuable items away when you are not in your hotel room to avoid anything from being stolen and to be cautious, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Hotel Lockers

A hotel room is never fully secure, even if there’s a safe to lock your valuables. It is possible that the safe has a master key that hotel employees can gain access to.

We hope these solutions will help you to keep your luggage safe and allow you to enjoy your travel experience. Along with keeping luggage secure, passengers with Travel Sentry luggage locks or padlocks will have a safe, easy and efficient inspection without damaging baggage. Just look for the red diamond Travel Sentry symbol when shopping for these TSA-accepted products.

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