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luggage tracker by Travel Sentry


The future of luggage
track and trace

With TS TAG, you can finally say goodbye to paper baggage-tags and lost luggage. Built on proven technology and strong partnerships, TS TAG brings luggage into the 21st century.

Industry future

Tickets and boarding passes are now digital, why not bag tags?

luggage tracking devices
permanent bag tag
permanent bag tag by Travel Sentry
luggage tracking devices by Travel Sentry


Check In

With TS TAG you can check yourself and your bag in from your smartphone.

Say goodbye to

Paper tags

Paper single-use baggage tags and help save the environment and avoid exposure to carcinogenic bisphenol (BPA, BPS) that are on thermal printed paper baggage tags.

Say hello to

Track & Trace

Track your luggage each step of the way. From initial drop off to loading and arrival to the baggage carousel with the NFC & RFID powered TS TAG

Protect your belongings

TS TAG is a permanent ID

The TS TAG creates a permanent link between you and your luggage, simplifying its safe return in case it ever gets lost while protecting your personal information.

How it works

Bring your luggage into the 21st century

See how the addition of TS TAG modernises your travel and how the implementation of NFC & RFID can transform your luggage and the way we travel.

luggage tracker with Travel Sentry

Travel smarter

Inside the TS TAG are several proprietary technologies make your luggage smarter

The NFC function and QR code make check-in a breeze. The RFID chip makes it possible to accurately sort and track baggage every step of the way.

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