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luggage tracker by Travel Sentry


L’avenir du suivi et de la traçabilité des bagages

With TS TAG, you can finally say goodbye to paper luggage tags and lost luggage. Manufactured using proven technology and strong partnerships, TS TAG brings luggage into the 21st century.

L’avenir de l’Industrie

Les billets et les cartes d’embarquement sont désormais numériques, pourquoi pas les étiquettes de bagages ?

luggage tracking devices
permanent bag tag
permanent bag tag by Travel Sentry
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Plus intelligent


With TS TAG, you can check yourself and your luggage directly from your smartphone.

Etiquettes en papier

Plus jamais

With TS TAG, you can finally say goodbye to paper tags printed at the airport and contribute to protecting the environment.

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Track & Trace

Track your luggage every step of the way. From initial drop-off to loading and arrival at the baggage carousel with the TS TAG using NFC & RFID

Protégez vos biens

Le TS TAG est une identification permanente

The TS TAG creates a permanent link between you and your luggage, thus simplifying its safe recovery in the event of loss.

Comment cela fonctionne-t-il ?

Faites entrer vos bagages dans le 21e siècle.

Learn how adding the TS TAG modernizes your travels and how implementing NFC and RFID can transform luggage and the way we travel.

luggage tracker with Travel Sentry

Voyager Plus Intelligemment

Le TS TAG regroupe plusieurs technologies exclusives qui contribuent à rendre votre bagage plus intelligent.

An NFC chip and QR code for easy recording and updating of personal data.

The RFID chip ensures that the bag can be scanned 360 degrees in order to be loaded onto the correct plane.

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