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Our Suitcase Security Guide for Hand & Hold Luggage

What Makes a Suitcase Secure?

The time is finally here for your highly anticipated vacation, and you deserve it to go off without a hitch. You’ll want to pack your favourite holiday outfits, bring your brand-new sunglasses and wear the swimsuit you treated yourself to. But, most importantly, you need these valuables to be secure inside your suitcase. 

Luggage Security

For such a simple idea, suitcases come in many shapes and sizes, and their levels of security vary. Securing your luggage is imperative when you travel. There are thousands of suitcase designs available to buy, the choice can be overwhelming. However, the benefits of a bag with a TSA (Travel Sentry Approved) lock are very high. 

Benefits of TSA Locks in Airports

  • A safer screening process
  • More efficient inspections
  • No damage to luggage

Travel Sentry Airports

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) agents are part of the airport security staff. The security officers are provided with secure tools to facilitate the screening of airport hold baggage. This happens in over 750 airports worldwide including 450 in the USA where the Travel Sentry System is implemented. This means a bag with a TSA-accepted lock can be unlocked, searched and relocked without damage. 

Benefits of TSA Locks When Travelling

TSA locks are a great way to prevent thieves from stealing valuables and keeping your belongings safe and secure. You can also buy locks separately if you have a beloved bag that does not have a luggage lock. It’s always better to lock your bag than leave it defenceless and run the risk of losing your items. You don’t want your bag to arrive at your destination’s baggage carousel open for all to see.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Suitcase

With all this in mind, when purchasing your suitcase, you should research the following elements. 

  • Material
  • Size
  • Wheels
  • Personalization 
  • Budget, spending a bit more money on a better quality bag which may last longer.
  • Closing Mechanism

Here are some features to consider when searching for a practical and secure bag in a design you love.

Hard Shell Suitcases

A hard shell suitcase is resistant and is designed to protect your luggage. The hard shell is more effective in preventing theft due to its harder outer casing. As well as this, it is much easier to keep your luggage dry in rain, snow, or puddles. It also provides better protection against general spills and accidents. 

A hard shell case is durable and will keep your luggage safe when it is on its journey from being checked in to being loaded onto the plane and finally reunited with you at baggage reclaim. These suitcases will resist the conveyer belt’s mechanisms, meaning your case will likely last longer and will be a good investment.

Bright and Bold Colours

A bright colour suitcase will stand out on the baggage carousel. This makes it easy for you to spot it quickly and keep an eye on it. It also speeds up the process and helps you enjoy your vacation sooner! 

A bright or patterned TSA strap lock is also a great way to easily distinguish your bag. You can also customize it with a colourful ribbon, a scarf, or a unique luggage tag. Finally, many brands offer options to personalize your case with your name or initials. All of these elements will make it easier to find at baggage reclaim. 

Competent Closing Mechanism

A resilient closing mechanism allows limited entry points and keeps your luggage secure. The zipper is a weak spot in a bag and can be punctured with a ballpoint pen or similar.

Puncture Resistant Zippers

Suitcases can now be designed with a puncture-resistant zipper.  The double-element structure increases the chainzipper’s resistance to puncture. This option provides you with peace of mind and a safe journey.

Zipper-Free Luggage

Another option is zipper-free luggage. These suitcases don’t have exterior zippers but have a metal or plastic frame closed by a latch (or two) that can be locked with a TSA luggage lock. They’re much harder to break into and less likely to break open than a zipper. Some brands have also developed their own unique systems to tackle this issue.

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Added Protection

These tips will help you when choosing a bag and securing your luggage. For added security, we advise tagging your belongings with a TSID tag and registering through TSID.com. That way, if your luggage gets lost, you have a better chance of having it returned to you (with free protection for life!).

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