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How to Pack a Suitcase for a 2 Week Trip

Are you preparing for your next vacation? Lucky you! It’s exciting to plan a holiday, but packing can be a daunting task. We think the best way to tackle it is with a game-plan; and that requires both researching your destination, and making sure that you have all the right gear to keep you organised and stress-free throughout your journey.

Our Tips To Packing a Suitcase for 2 Weeks

Create a Packing List

First thing’s first: research your destination! We’re sure that you’ve planned at least a little bit of your holiday in advance, but really looking at the details of your destination will help you prepare. 

  • Are you going somewhere warm, cold, rainy? 
  • Does your destination have any culture-related dress requirements? 
  • What activities do you have planned? 
  • Are there washing facilities where you’re staying? 

Answering all these questions will help you create your packing lists and streamline the process.

Versatile Clothing

We recommend packing clothing that is versatile, with a base of neutral colours, that will allow you to mix and match your outfits throughout the trip, minimising the quantity of clothing that you need to take with you.

Not into neutral colors?

No problem! Don’t go out and buy all new clothing if you don’t have to, just make sure that you can combine various items of clothing to get the most wear out of them. And be sure to wear your heaviest items to save space within your luggage.

Only Bring Shoes You Need

Minimising the pairs of shoes that you take along is a must as well, and as with your clothing, wearing your bulkiest pair on the day that you travel will help to save space.

Laundry Detergent Instead

Packing laundry detergent is also a great way to allow you to re-wear your clothing while keeping them fresh throughout your stay. Just be sure to keep the quantity to 100ml (3.4oz) if it’s a liquid and going into your carry-on.

Packing Toiletries

Figuring out how to pack your toiletries can seem overwhelming. Check in advance to see if your accommodation provides basic toiletries if you’re not too picky about what type of soap or shampoo you use. This can be a real space (and weight!) saver if you don’t need to take these items along.

Knowing The Rules

If you would like to (or need to) pack your own toiletries, knowing the rules for what can be placed into your carry-on and what should be packed into your checked bags is a great first step. 

3-1-1 Rule

The TSA  3-1-1 rule determines that each liquid must be in a 100ml (3.4oz) or less container and that all containers must be placed inside one clear, quart-sized plastic bag in order to be packed inside your carry-on. You can buy travel-sized toiletries that comply with this rule or use empty travel-sized containers and squeeze some of your everyday toiletries inside if you prefer. 

Might be of interest – Our Easy Pack Carry on Toiletry Bag

Checking Your Toiletries

If you will be checking bags, you are allowed to pack full-size toiletries. We recommend that you still place these full-sized toiletries into a designated toiletry bag in case of accidental leakage.

Save Space with Travel Accessories

Travel accessories like toiletry bags and packing cubes can help you to maximise space within your suitcase and keep you organised along the way. Packing cubes have the ability to compress items within, giving you that often-needed extra space inside your suitcase and providing easy access to your items. Not only that, but they also allow you to divide your belongings into categories, whether by day or by traveller for example, helping you to stay organised while packing and after arriving at your destination. 

Using Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags are a great way to keep your personal care items separate from your clothing and other items, and many offer multiple pockets and compartments to keep everything in its place while on the move.

Fragile Items

While we don’t recommend taking fragile items with you on holiday, we know that sometimes you may need to pack gifts or may enjoy collecting delicate souvenirs on your trip. If you have small items, these can be carefully placed in your carry-on bags. For items that need to go into your checked bags, we recommend wrapping your fragile items in clothing and ensuring a snug fit between softer items to avoid breakage and disappointment.

Returning from your Trip

When you’re getting ready to pack for your return journey, it’s good to bear in mind the packing list that you made before you left. Not only will this keep you from leaving something behind, but it will also help you to stay organized and make the whole repacking process as painless as possible. You can even use your packing cubes to keep your clean clothing separate from the dirty, and any unused toiletries can be placed back into your toiletry bags. 

Keep Your Trip Running Smoothly

No matter how you pack for your trip, it all comes down to personal preference, and what will work best for you during your journey. Knowing the rules of travel and staying organized will help to keep things running smoothly. And in order to keep your personal property safe throughout the journey, always be sure to secure your belongings with a Travel Sentry® Approved lock. 

For added peace of mind, we also recommend tagging your belongings with a TSID tag and registering through TSID.com. That way, if your luggage gets lost you have a better chance of having it returned to you (with free protection for life!).

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