Where can I use / What countries can I use Travel Sentry® Approved locks?

19 October 2016

Travel Sentry® Approved Locks are a global standard and are not limited where they can be used. Of course Travel Sentry locks are accepted at every USA-controlled airport from the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean to the far Pacific Islands like Guam as well as all of the airports on the U.S. Mainland, Hawaii and Alaska – that is over 450 US airports. The TSA Lock™ system is now also implemented in all airports in Canada, and major airports in Japan, Israel, Finland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, South-Korea, Togo, New Zealand and continues to expand. See the latest list on the LOCK page.

In fact, there is no place where Travel Sentry locks cannot be used – everyone should lock their luggage and if they are using Travel Sentry Locks then they can travel safely and securely. So rest assured, you can travel with your luggage locked and secured with Travel Sentry Locks.