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Travel Sentry study:
Only 50% of all travelers lock their luggage

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The Germans are considered to be travel champions. Scarcely another nation packs its suitcases more often. The trip should be safe and carefree. According to a recent survey by Travel Sentry, a globally active licensor of safety technologies for traveling, shows however that only half of the Germans lock their baggage when traveling.
In 2017 again, a large part of the Germans will leave for the holidays – most of them with unsealed luggage. According to a study by the opinion polling agency YouGov Deutschland GmbH from 2017, on behalf of Travel Sentry, only 50 percent of respondents exclude their checked baggage. Only 16 percent say they close their hand luggage. According to a survey conducted by the Gesellschaft für integriertes Kommunikationsforschung (GIK) of 2016, 74 per cent of the travelers’ safety is particularly important. “People secure their home and their car, so why does not they close their cases?”, Travel expert John Vermilye, founder of Travel Sentry. “Most of the cases have an integrated lock – you just have to use it.”

Small „click“ – great effect

Locking baggage has many advantages for the traveler: it scares off  thieves and smugglers from stealing personal items of the travelers from the luggage or smuggling something into it illegally. 13 per cent of the Germans stated in a survey of the 2016 For-wardAdGroup that they had problems with traveling on the grounds of theft. The small “click” of the latching luggage locker can thus make the difference between a successful and a spoiled vacation.

The TSA advantage

Travel Sentry has licensed its own technology, the TSA LOCK – to be recognized by the red diamond that is featured with each Travel Sentry-tested lock. Traditional locks are forcibly broken in the legally required baggage controls. TSA LOCK, on the other hand, can be easily opened and closed again by authorized authorities with the established travel-sentry system at airports.

The damage to suitcases at airports is not uncommon. According to the SITA Baggage Report 2015, around 23.1 million pieces of luggage are lost each year in the global aviation industry. One in five Germans already had to worry about damaged or lost luggage – according to For-wardAdGroup in 2016 the third most frequent reason for travel problems.

About Travel Sentry

Travel Sentry® sets global standards for travel. The company does not produce any products, but licenses licenses to manufacturers and brands that meet the high security standards of Travel Sentry. These include TSA LOCK ™ locks, OKOBAN® registration and notification services, and TS-TAG® luggage tags[MH1] [LS2] . In addition, Travel Sentry manages the system for participating governments, providing the tools and training required for security personnel and ongoing support. The system is currently installed at all airports in the USA and Canada, as well as at most airports in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Japan, Israel, Finland, Czech Republic and Togo And more countries are coming.
Travel Sentry® Approved locks are a global standard for travel security …
… at 600 airports
… in 15 countries
… for 1.4 billion travelers
Over 400 million travel Sentry® Approved locks and travel luggage are in circulation today.

[MH1]Track and Trace
[LS2]I am unsure what you mean by Track and Trace. Please elaborate